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Looking To Find A Job? Narrow Your Search With This Tip

Here’s my #1 secret for getting the job you really want, in this or any economy: Don’t apply for jobs you don’t want.

“I Got a Job Offer But I’m Waiting To Hear From My Dream Employer”

Over and over, my clients come to me with the same dilemma: They’ve received offers for jobs they don’t really want to take, and haven’t heard back yet about the jobs they really want. They don’t want to say no to a job offer, but they also don’t want to burn any bridges.

My Question: “Why Were You Applying For Jobs You Don’t Want?”

I know—you need a job, you feel desperate, you already moved into an apartment you can’t afford…But one way to simplify your job search is to not apply for jobs you wouldn’t take if they were offered to you. This includes jobs you would only take at a certain salary: Do enough homework to know if that salary range is realistic, based on industry and regional standards, and on your own skill set and experience.

Figure Out What Your Strengths And Talents Are

This will help you understand what kind of industries, companies and positions are right for you. It can be hard to discern all this from a mere job description or website, so you can’t know for sure until you’re there. Keep an open mind right up through the first interview. If, at that point, you realize this is not the job, company, boss, or set of colleagues for you, write a polite thank you, say that your situation has changed, and withdraw your candidacy. Or, explain that the interview process helped you realize that this is not the right position for you, but that you love the company and would be eager to apply for other openings as they appear.

Don’t Waste Your Time—Or An Employer’s—Just To Get An Offer

By focusing your job search, you’ll save yourself and others a lot of time and trouble.

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